Alessandro Lombardo, aka Zenok, was born in Campi Salentina in the province of Lecce in 1978. The son of master glassmakers, from an early age he was fascinated by the transformation of materials into art objects.

Nel 2009 si trasferisce a Milano dove tutt’oggi vive e lavora. Il suo percorso artistico da autodidatta comincia nel Salento, oltre vent’anni fa, come writer. Negli anni ’90 il graffitismo arriva dagli Stati Uniti e Alessandro Zenok si afferma come esponente dell’Aerosol-art in Italia. I suoi graffiti e “Brigitte”, personaggio femminile di fantasia ritratto su tela, partecipano a numerosi eventi di Arte Urbana e mostre di pittura in Italia e all’estero.  

From paper to the wall, from the wall to the canvas and from the canvas to the lens. This is how his artistic career evolved until he imprinted himself in photography, to which he has dedicated himself since 2015.

He defines himself Geometry Maniac, attracted by the infinite geometries present in the space we live in and first of all he specializes in architectural photography, confirming his preference for the urban scenario. Gradually he welcomes people into his photographic composition, which he feels ripe to portray the other, the lines of the human body and the essence of moments of everyday life. His research - focused in particular on landscape, urban and boudoir photography - is characterized by constant observation that aspires to see something more than previously seen and go beyond what appears to be shown.

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